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Who Won the Jojo Merch Giveaway?


This was a really fun giveaway, and we hope to do more in the future. Please visit our website ( for more information on everything we sell. And stay tuned for more Jojo Merch giveaways down the road! In the meantime.

We have some great prizes to give away, and are giving one away today! Come and take a look, catch up on the news, and maybe win some cool stuff!

Why did Jojo choose to give away their merch?

In the past, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has given away many items as prizes for their fan giveaways. Among those lucky winners were cosplayers. Who could often expect to receive clothing and accessories from popular manga and anime series? This year, however, Jojo chose to give away merch of a different kind- new album releases!

Anyone who purchases one of Jojo’s upcoming album releases (physical or digital) between July 1 and August 31 will be entered into a drawing to win one of four special, limited-edition albums. The self-titled debut album by Joseph “Gozo” Marchetti and the bandaids-NGHTMRE cooperation album were both released in honor of both occasions, and this giveaway was created especially to mark those occasions.

Both albums are scheduled for release on September 14th and 15th respectively. Considering that both albums have already been available for purchase through iTunes and other streaming services. This giveaway was especially beneficial for those who may have missed out on purchasing them beforehand.

Although it may have been difficult to enter into the giveaway if one had not yet purchased either album. There was still an opportunity to do so by visiting between July 1st-31st and registering for a chance to win. Prizes ranged from autographed CDs to meet & greets with the band members themselves! In total, over 3000 entries were received during this promotion period which makes it

How many people entered the giveaway?

The contest was only open for 7 days, but in that time over 200 people entered and chatted with us on Instagram and Facebook to win the prize. Congratulations to anyone who entered and good luck to everyone who entered! If you didn’t win this contest, don’t worry; we will be doing another giveaway soon.

We will be in 5 different sizes, which represents the actual number of people who entered the giveaway. Please do not enter more than 1 size as this will result in duplicate prizes and will not further your chances of winning, plus we need to be able to give everybody their correct size prize.

Which countries were winners?

In celebration of the show’s 10-year anniversary, Netflix and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure creator Hirohiko Araki teamed up to give fans a chance to win prizes including merch from the show. Eleven countries were selected as winners and each received an assortment of prizes such as DVDs, CDs, and posters. The countries were Albania, Armenia, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France Georgia Germany Hungary Iceland India Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexico Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand Norway Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey United Kingdom

What do the winners need to do to claim their prizes?

To claim their prizes, the winners need to send in their mailing addresses and contact information as well as proof of purchase (i.e. a photo of the product receipt) within 14 days of winning. Prizes may include but are not restricted to, items from Attack on Titan, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Congratulations to the winner of our Jojo merch giveaway! We are so excited to give away this goodie and can’t wait for you to get started wearing them. Thank you to everyone who participated and good luck in the future!

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