Torrent Trackers List 2022

Torrent Trackers List to increase download speed

Torrent tracker helps the torrent clients like u torrent, bit torrent, transmission, etc so that people using it can communicate with the additional seeds and peers for the purpose of growing the downloading pace of the torrent file. 

Now, if the users are wondering how the speed increases, then let us tell the users that the speed of downloading depends on the number of seeds and also peers and quality of the band width it has. 

More about torrent trackers 

There are many users who are looking for trackers list torrent then this is the blog where they will know about it, but before that let us know more about torrent trackers. 

Torrent trackers is a server which is used to communicate between two peers for the purpose of transferring files with the use of bittorrent protocol. 

The torrent tracker list will always let the users keep a complete record of the torrent just like the number of seeds, peers, size, files which are in the torrent and also a number of downloads. 

If we add more public or private torrent trackers then the torrent client converse with the torrent tracker so that they can increase the speed of download by updating more additional connections with their friends. 

List of torrent trackers for the users 

So, here is a torrent trackers list 2022 which can be used by the users – 

  • Udp://opentracker.i2p 
  • Http:///opentracker.i2p 
  • http://tracker.internetwarriors 
  • Udp://tracker.internbetwarriors 
  • http://tracker.cyberia

These torrent trackers can be used by the users, and if the users are still looking for more trackers then they can anytime access them by visiting the website way binary where the users will get all the information they have been looking forward for, plus since this site is simple to use the users will find no difficulty in accessing the content.

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