Top Reasons To Hire A Private Chef for Their Next Dinner Party

In recent years, private dining parties had exploded in popularity across Singapore more than ever before after COVID-19 was introduced. There are several reasons of why people prefer having private dining in Singapore over dining out at a restaurant. You might be surprised by their responses.

Reason 1: The Visitors Are Extremely Picky!

With more people than ever before embracing food and foodie culture as a source of basic nourishment and conversation, entertainment, social status, and excitement, your average chain restaurant is no longer cutting it. Hiring a private chef allows guests to enjoy a tailored menu without worrying about foods they dislike, are allergic to, or do not stimulate their taste buds. Our hosts and hostesses don’t have to worry about one of their guests being “deathly allergic” to something.

Reason 2: You’d Like To Spend Quality Time With My Visitors

Let’s face it, we’ve all had a party when you spend the entire night rushing around bringing people drinks, preparing food, serving, or cleaning up, and your energy is concentrated on getting the task done rather than being the perfect host/hostess to your guests.

It’s never been more fashionable to hire a private chef company like AWG Private Chefs to prepare and serve your meal. You, the event host/hostess, will be able to relax, enjoy, and truly have the unique and beautiful experience of being a guest at your dinner party because one of our extremely experienced Certified Master Chefs will prepare your cuisine to dazzle your guests.

Reason 3: “Something Special” celebrations

A common reason for hiring a great chef is for special events. The crazy details of a celebratory dinner party event pile up on the host or hostess on that special date, making it much more stressful than before, especially when so much is riding on that one meal and one memorable day.

For anniversaries, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, or any other form of celebration, you want wonderful cuisine and amazing service throughout the evening so you and your friends can enjoy your special event together. At the same time, your hired private chef prepares your fully custom-tailored menu for you and your guests.

Reason 4: We Have Our Private Gathering Area

A particular occasion, event, or even an intimate dinner party might require privacy. In most restaurants, this is nearly impossible to accommodate. Especially today, with COVID-19 limiting restaurant indoor dining alternatives.

A packed, noisy, bustling restaurant is not always the best option for your event or intimate dinner group. Private dining in your own home with meals prepared by a hired top-notch personal chef using only the finest ingredients is unparalleled in quality and guest experience. Hiring a private chef service custom-tailored to your particular demands can make your occasion that much more memorable.

Reason 5: It’s Often Less Expensive to Hire a Private Chef Than to Eat Out!

If you enjoy superb wine or delicious homemade cocktails, you already know how much extra a nice bottle in a restaurant will cost you. Did you know that a restaurant’s typical markup on alcohol or a bottle of wine is between 400 and 1200 percent? Your fine wine or cocktail will almost always be more expensive than your meal.

By holding your celebration at home, you’ll be able to serve your wine or drinks without paying exorbitant prices. AWG Private Chefs employs Certified Sommeliers and Wine Educators who, in collaboration with your Certified Master Chef, may create a menu tailored to the wines and spirits you will be pouring. This provides you with an overall fantastic and memorable eating experience and the opportunity to save money on your booze bill.

Reason 6: Kid-Friendly Private Dining

Ask any parent how difficult, if not impossible, it is to take their children to a fancy dining establishment. Of course, hiring a babysitter is a possibility, but it adds to an already expensive evening, and you’re constantly worried about missing a call or text.

Parents can greatly benefit from hiring a private chef since they can enjoy the company of their family and friends, fine food, and their wine while knowing that their children are safe and sound at home.

Concluding Thought

A private chef is both a luxury and a convenience for the people who afford it. A personal chef, who might be live-in or live-out, prepares meals for a single-family. Live-in chefs are usually given a single room or a small apartment and access to a car. In exchange, a private chef must be capable of handling everything from small family gatherings to large dinner parties and other sorts of entertaining.


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