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The Messier Mess That Is the World Test Championship

There is no way that the online cricket id World Test Championship, which is part of a drive to bring back test cricket, could be any messier than it is right now. The influence of Covid may be understood, but the choice to precede based on “% of point” cannot be justified. In this blog post, I discuss how I feel about the choice to implement the “% of point” system,

which has resulted in an even rougher path than it was before.

Primordial Mess

In the first version of the schedule, there was a specific item that drew my attention,

and that was Bangladesh’s fixtures. The Asian subcontinent will serve as the setting for all of their away tests,

which will take place in India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan respectively. They have a lot of talent in the spin department, so even when they play away from home,

they should still perform well. This is in contrast to the schedule that Pakistan has, which has them playing seven away tests in ENA nations. Because Pakistan’s batting isn’t very good in these nations, they are almost always on the receiving end of the match. That is but one example of how something may be used. There are a great number of more situations just like that.

Implications Derived from the Expression “Percentage of Points”

It just takes a quick look at the table to see that there is a significant disparity in the amount of test matches that each side has participated in the

World Test Championship. It is not surprising that England played the most matches since they hosted other countries throughout the epidemic. This explains why they played so many matches. Despite this, the West Indies have only played a total of five test

matches despite the fact that they were one of the teams that England hosted at the time. Both Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, who were unable to go in the COVID,

are now at match number three and match number four, respectively.

Consensus in International Cricket council

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has reached the consensus that non-

playing tests would be counted as draws before it announces the “percentage of points” regulation. Following that, each team will equally distribute their points. If you now reevaluate the primordial mess,

you will see that the Percentage rule has potentially disastrous implications for you. The nations who were sure to win their home tests will now have to settle for less points than they had hoped for. Their hopes of making it to the final round of the world test championship have taken a significant knock as a result. This ultimately results in an already chaotic situation being even more chaotic.

A Different Approach to the Problem

Allowing the nations to finish the outstanding exams within a certain amount of time is an alternate approach to the “% of point” guideline that must be followed. If the nation that is hosting those tests runs into problems with COVID, another location that is comparable might be chosen to hold the tournament instead. After all, we are seeing history in the making at the very first World Test Championship. In addition, the pandemic caused by the Covid virus is an unanticipated event that only occurs once in a lifetime. As a result, the ICC may think about delaying the date of the finals, which would offer all of the teams more time to prepare for the competition and improve their chances of qualifying.

Instead of creating a mess and then making that issue more worse, we want the ICC to be more significant when dealing with situations like this.

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