MBA colleges in Switzerland without GMAT

It is possible to get a fantastic education in business administration in Switzerland because of its combination of mountainous terrain and urban centers. In locations such as Lausanne, St. Gallen, Geneva, and many more, Switzerland is home to over one hundred different MBA programs.

Students from all over the globe are able to study in Switzerland since a growing number of the country’s business institutions are providing MBA programs in English. Over ten of Switzerland’s business schools have earned accreditation from AMBA, EQUIS, or AACSB, respectively. IF you check economist MBA rankings then you will find many colleges in Switzerland on top.

Students who get a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Switzerland might gain a better understanding of either broad business themes or particular business disciplines, such as management of luxury brands, finance, or supply chains.

There are a few MBA programs in Switzerland that concentrate on themes such as nonprofit administration. This is due to the fact that Switzerland is home to a large number of international organizations, including NGOs and nonprofits.

Many students from other countries who come to Switzerland to get their MBA do so in the hopes that they would be able to find employment there after graduation. Switzerland is home to a large number of international organizations in addition to being a leader in the high-tech and financial industries, both of which are considered to be among the country’s most successful economic sectors.

Business & Hotel Management School

Founded in 1998, the Business & Hotel Management School is a private institution of higher education in the fields of business and hotel management that is located over four campuses in Lucerne, Switzerland. Together with York St. John University, the B.H.M.S.

Business & Hotel Management School offers a Master of Business Administration degree program to young professionals. The program is designed to improve students’ managerial knowledge and capabilities through applied learning that makes use of case studies, group work, and real-world business examples. Switzerland is one of the best college for MBA in Europe.

EU Business School

EU Business School is a private institution of higher education in the field of business that has campuses in Geneva and Montreux, as well as Barcelona and Munich. Since the year 2022, it has been a part of the OMNES Education Group.

The esteemed QS Stars Rating has bestowed to the EU a four-star rating in recognition of the exceptional quality of its business school. Their online MBA program is ranked number one in the world by CEO Magazine, and both their presential and online MBA programs are ranked among the best of the best for global and European MBA programs.

University of Business and International Studies

The University of Business and International Studies is a private institution of higher education for business that was established in the city of Geneva in the year 2006. The educational establishments provide courses all around the world and have international campuses in Geneva, Switzerland and Barcelona, Spain respectively.

The UBIS MBA program adapts its curriculum to reflect the most recent developments in business education. This curriculum was intended to fulfill the needs of the present labor market, drive the careers of our graduates, and contribute to professional knowledge and competence in the area of business. Specifically, these goals were accomplished by:

The Master of Business Administration program offers students a practical education in business within a diverse and inclusive classroom setting. Students will be able to make better decisions as a result of the curriculum since it gives them a foundation in functional business and helps them enhance their analytical, communication, and technology skills while putting an emphasis on globalization.

Business School Lausanne (BSL)

The Business School Lausanne is a prestigious private institution of higher education for business that can be found in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a Swiss private school that is affiliated with the Lemania Group of Schools.

Undergraduate students get a solid grounding in all aspects of business via the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) curriculum offered by BSL. Master of International Business is the name of the master’s degree that may be earned via BSL. The program provides students with the opportunity to specialize in one of three areas:

entrepreneurial leadership; finance; or sustainability. This curriculum includes a considerable component known as a Capstone Project, which provides students with a variety of different study alternatives. These possibilities include an Applied Business Project, Internship, Masters Thesis (with an optional exchange option with China), and CFA Level I Preparation.

University of Zurich

The city of Zürich, which is situated in Switzerland, is home to the public research institution known as the University of Zurich. With almost 28,000 students now enrolled, it is by far Switzerland’s most populous academic institution. It was established in 1833 when a new department of philosophy was added to the already existing colleges of theology, law, and medicine, which date all the way back to 1525.

Final Thoughts

The expanding number of global companies based in Switzerland is one factor that contributes to the diverse variety of career paths available to MBA graduates in that country. MBA candidates are in high demand in Switzerland since a significant number of multinational corporations and hedge funds are relocating their headquarters there from London and Frankfurt.

MBA graduates have seen a rise in the number of career options available to them as a direct consequence of the arrival of several international corporations in Switzerland.

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