How To Know If The LGV CAT C Training Centre Is Legit?

How To Know If The CAT C Training Centre Is Legit

In this fast-moving online world, frauds have increased every day. You might hear stories from your relatives and neighbours. It’s heart-sinking to hear such things. Imagine something similar happening to you. No, don’t! We don’t want to imagine something worse. 

If you are starting with LGV CAT C training, you must have some training centres in mind. We understand that it is tough to locate the best-suited training centre with multiple options available. Therefore we are here with some points you can act upon and make the right choice, but before this, let us understand the LGV CAT C licence. 

What Is LGV CAT C Licence? 

The LGV CAT C Licence was previously known as the HGV class 2 licence. Drivers who pass the Category C driving exam can operate any rigid Category C vehicle close to 32 tonnes with the LGV Category C licence. You get a Category C licence after clearing the LGV Cat C test.  

4 Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPS) tests make up the Class 2 test. The HGV Class 2 licence costs include:

  • Part 1A: theory. Multiple choice questions. The price is £26.
  • Part 1B: Theory. Hazard Perception. It is £11.
  • Part 2: Case studies. The price is $23.
  • Part 3: driving capability. If done during the week, it will cost £115, but on weekends, holidays, and evenings, it would cost £141.
  • Part 4: Practicals. On a workday, this will run you £55; on weekends, holidays, and evenings, it will cost you £63.
  • You will also have to pay for the LGV CAT C training.

So this was all about the LGV CAT C licence. Now let us check out the ways to know if the company is legit. 

Start With Research 

Start with researching on Google. Search for online centres that provide LGV CAT C training. Pen down the names of centres you feel are good and can offer you good training within your budget. Also, make sure that you choose local centres as online training can be a little difficult, and the chances that the centre is a fraud are more. 

Ask Your Queries

When you ask your queries related to the training, you can check their confidence. Also, you can ask about their experience, training pattern, HGV class 2 licence cost, etc. Questions will help you understand the training centre in a better way. You can compare it to an interview round. 

Check Their Certificates 

If the LGV CAT C training centre you choose is legit, they will have the authorization and experience certificate. Ask them about it. If they share all the credentials with you, you can trust the company, but if they delay it all the time, it is a red sign. 

In The End 

These three points will help you see if the training centre is legit. Make sure you choose the right one. Do not get scammed. If you don’t find a suitable training centre, ask your friends and family about it. 

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