How To Earn By Starting A Csc Center

How to Earn by Starting a CSC Center?

Hello to you dear user of this article, before we go into details, in short, I want to answer a question that probably thought by looking at the title of this article that is– How to earn by starting a CSC Center? Congratulations to you dear user because finding that information and of course reading this article. If you are still going to ask why to read this article. My answer is very easy, which I will explain in detail later on. So first of all welcome and secondly let both of us know what is CSC center is & how can we earn by starting one.

1. Subscription Fee: The government has fixed the subscription fee for CSCs. This means that you need to pay a particular amount for every hour of usage of the computer or internet. You can collect this fee from every user and deposit it in your bank account every month.

2. Network Fee: You can also charge a small amount for using the internet connection of your CSC center. In other words, you have to sell bandwidth to the users and keep a percentage of it as profit for yourself

3. Service Charges: If your GST Suvidha Kendra is providing any other service apart from internet and computer usage, then you can charge a small amount for each service provided by your organization

4. Advertisement: You can also make money by placing advertisements on your website or on any other marketing material of your company

5. Proprietary Software: If your CSC is providing any kind of software or application, then you can sell it to the users and make money as a part of your revenue

6. Membership fees: You can also charge a small amount for membership at your center

7. Donations: If people are donating their old computers to your organization, then try to sell those computers through auction and make money out of them

8. Selling Used Computers: If you have any old computers lying around, then try to sell them at a very low price to people who are in need of it

9. Recycling: You can also recycle the old parts of your computer that cannot be used anymore and sell them for money.

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