How Old Do You Have to Work at Starbucks?

If you are interested in becoming a barista, How Old Do You Have to Work at Starbucks? You should start by becoming a frequent visitor to Starbucks. This will allow you to know the culture, understand the products, and become familiar with the employees. Keeping an eye on their social media accounts is also a good idea. Depending on your location, the minimum age required may vary. In some states, such as Montana, the minimum employment age is 14, although you can get hired for an entry-level barista role at 16.

16-year-old baristas

A recent news story has called for a look at how a man turned down a promotion at a Starbucks because he thought the employee was 16 years old. In Spokane, Washington, a 37-year-old man mistakenly assumed that a 16-year-old barista was serving him. Later, the same customer returned and was confronted by a police officer who banned him from the chain of coffee shops.

While this situation may seem harsh, many teens are actually hired by Starbucks because they are under the age of 18. These teenagers are trained and provided with great benefits. The company requires that baristas be at least 16 years old in most states and Montana is one of the exceptions. Although the minimum age for baristas is 16, shift supervisors and managers are 18 or older. If you are interested in applying, it’s a good idea to visit a Starbucks regularly, as this will help you become familiar with its products and employees.

Benefits of working at Starbucks

The employees of Starbucks have access to many benefits, such as free coffee and discounted Tazo tea, and can purchase stocks in the company. They also receive a weekly free bag of coffee beans or tea, and can buy discounted Starbucks stock through an equity reward program. In addition to free coffee and tea, employees can enjoy discounts on company food, in-store purchases, and other services. Some of the benefits of working at Starbucks may be unique to your own situation.

Employees at Starbucks are required to learn more than a single drink from the menu. In order to keep up with changing trends, they are required to memorize 38 different drink recipes. The coffee at Starbucks is also fast-paced, and it is common for employees to be doing several different tasks at once. This fast-paced environment is great for those who like to keep moving. In addition, employees at Starbucks are rarely checking the clock.

Requirements for applying for a job at Starbucks

Requirements for applying for a coffee shop job at Starbucks include communication skills and a positive attitude. The company prioritizes customer service so having these qualities will make your application stand out. Additionally, being punctual is critical. Missing work or appointments will have repercussions. Starbucks also values its employees’ time and is strict about it. As such, applicants should take the time to be well prepared before the interview.

You can check your application status by logging in to the Starbucks website and selecting the desired position and location. The website also allows you to request an interview with hiring staff and check on the progress of your application. The company strives to impact the lives of people around the world and is committed to supporting workplace diversity and creating an inclusive environment. It also supports social justice by responsibly sourcing its coffee and ensuring that it is sourced with care.

Requirements for working with computers and technology

Requirements for working with computers and technologies at Starbucks can vary greatly, but you should be familiar with Microsoft suite. You should also know how to use Google, Smartsheet, and Microsoft Office. Working in Starbucks’s payments and anti-fraud Technology group is also highly technical, and requires extensive knowledge of computers and technology. Starbucks is an equal opportunity employer, and is not prejudiced against those with criminal records.


You can apply for a job at a Starbucks location if you are at least sixteen years old. The minimum age to work at a Starbucks location varies by state, so you’ll need to look for your location online or at a recruiting fair. Starbucks also runs background checks on all applicants to ensure they are not a minor. A background check is required to work at a Starbucks store, but if you’re sixteen years old, you’ll be fine.

There are specific age requirements to work at a Starbucks. Those under the age of 16 are not allowed to work for more than three hours per day. To qualify for these jobs, you must have a work permit from your school. A work permit acknowledges your age at the time of employment and spells out the minimum hours you can work. It is also possible to apply for a shift supervisor position if you’re underage.

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