Destiny 2’s greatest PVE/PVP shotguns

Destiny 2 requires a shotgun. You want the best shotgun, though. You want a shotgun that makes Crucible opponents rage-message you. You want to make Calus laugh as you overcome the Darkness. Basilisk shotgun destiny 2  has many nice shotguns. Here are our favorites.

Best PVE/PVP shotguns

Destiny 2 has dozens of shotguns. Most will work if you’re just trying to complete a quest, such unlocking Felwinter’s Lie by completing The Lie. There are a few best-in-class alternatives for melting PVE bosses or crushing Crucible opponents.

Unlock Python Ritual if you haven’t previously. Another amazing shotgun for attacks, raids, and the Crucible.

Mindbender’s goal

Crucible’s Mindbender is ambitious. It has outstanding range, perks, and stats. Mindbender’s is easy to get with some farming.’s community recommends Slide shot, Rampage, and Quick draw. If you land the Opening Shot, you’ll gain range.


Season of the Worthy adds Astral Horizon. It’s limited to Trials of Osiris and locked for weekly drops, therefore it’s rare. If you get one, you’ll be surprised and possibly gain some perks. Slide shot is a good weapon, like others on this list. Swashbuckler and One-Two Punch are also available.

Blues Dust

In Crucible, Dust Rock Blues is a popular weapon. It’s easy to get—just a few runes and a walk through the Menagerie. Consult our Menagerie rune guide for help.

Slides hot are one of the most essential benefits of this shot. You can also gain full auto-fire, which is ideal for PVE but not Crucible due to the lack of special ammo.

Pack stardust

Parcel of Stardust, introduced with Forsaken, is a surprisingly good shotgun choice. Stardust can use Slide shot, but Opening Shot improves accuracy and range. This is like attacking people. Dealer’s Choice for last benefit column, except Pulse Monitor. Garbage.


Imperial Decree is a 2-for-1. If not this primary slot shotgun, try the next. Imperial Decree reduces the need to cultivate because it drops from Menagerie. Consult our Menagerie Weapon Gods List for suggestions. Feeding Frenzy, Swashbuckler, and Trench Barrel rock.

Emperor’s courtesy

The emperor’s courtesy completes the duo. If he can’t obtain a good Imperial Decree or doesn’t want a shot in his main slot, he may try the Crown of Sorrow raid. Grave Robber and One-Two Punch are on Emperor’s Courtesy. The latter does more damage.

Quick draw, Swashbuckler, Snapshot Sights, Slides hot, and Opening Shot are good possibilities if you can’t select a roll.


Threat Level is one of Destiny 2’s greatest shotguns, however it’s rarely used. This primary weapon has intriguing benefits. If you’re curator, choose Trench Barrel and Grave Robber. Otherwise, the perks are well-balanced. has community-recommended benefits. Scourge of the Past has removed the threat level.

Wolf lord

Warn those near the Crucible when the Wolves ruled. Definitely a nightmare. The tamed wolf is still wild. Lord of Wolves unusual shotgun is a must-have. Alternate fire to smash foes.

IKELOS SG v1.0.1

Never called that. Too many numerals. The IKELOS shotgun or “Damn, Escalation Protocol boss didn’t drop it again.” IKELOS was long Destiny 2’s best shotgun. Trench Barrel perch enhanced melee damage. Recent nerves have somewhat fractured the shotgun’s crown. If you haven’t already, check the Scaling Protocol timetable and farm this shot. Good enough.

Destiny 2’s shotgun selection is simple. Destiny 2’s shotguns aren’t easy to find. Some of these alternatives are easy to get and good for PVE and PVP. Destiny 2 complete strategy guide has more articles

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