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Characteristics of a Fraudulent Visa Counselor

It is challenging when the majority of alternatives are fraudulent and can lead to financial disaster. In a nation like India, where nearly everyone wants to travel abroad, there is an abundance of immigration experts. It is really difficult to find a genuine and competent expert who can make your goals a reality.

Every day, several individuals fall prey to immigration fraud and have their money stolen. It makes me sorry to see you in such a difficult situation. The authorities responsible for granting visas are taking stringent actions against fraudulent visa advisors. However, bogus consultancies continue to expand on a daily basis. The good news is that it is feasible to locate a bogus immigration expert through the use of clever strategies. There is nothing wrong with investing in consultants before handing over a substantial sum to them. You have the right to delve deeply into their authenticity and conduct a covert inquiry.

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Here are the characteristics of a fraudulent visa consultant:

Incorrect information

The first characteristic of fraudulent immigration advisors is that they will provide unclear responses to your questions. Yes, they will give you false information and cause you to be confused. Particularly in terms of presenting you with alternatives.They do this because they lack expertise in the subject. 

For example, for the first time, they will provide you with the names of the top institutions that meet your needs. The next day or within a few minutes, they will confidently replace one selection with another and inform you that you were mistaken. Therefore, it is vital to interrogate them to determine whether or not they have a thorough understanding of the field. Put them on the spot with questions to which you already know the answers. You must do it in secret and conceal the fact that you are attempting to assess their understanding.

Strange contact details

 The contact information of the immigration experts is an additional indicator that will aid in spotting impostors. They will use fictitious email addresses and other contact information. For instance, they will have a single digit following the email address. Be aware that there is a significant difference between the email addresses of registered and unregistered companies, regardless of whether they are new to the market or have been on it for years.

For example, if a company’s name is Satjup, its official email address should not contain any numbers or letters other than or You must investigate how to determine whether or not the email address is bogus. This will increase your understanding of this type of notion.

 Additionally, they have a simple contact number that is easy to remember, allowing clients to simply maintain it. If you find it difficult to remember the company’s contact information, Then, proceed with caution as you do the next stages.

A Unique method of Payment

 A key characteristic of a fraudulent visa counselor is that he will want a certain payment method. You will be expected to make payment in a specific way, that much is true. You must find the safest method of making the large payments and be patient. They will demand that you pay the price for your seat.

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Checking their information on the CICC website is one of the most prevalent techniques to determine if a visa consultant is real or not. You can also use the above methods to figure out whether or not the visa consultants are real.

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