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Living Room Design

Living Room Design

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to furnish your client’s living space, continue reading. We’ve spent the past three decades helping clients to design Furniture Lounge Sunderland their dream interiors. We’ve repeatedly asked questions about everything from furniture selection to color palettes and layout plans.

Today we’re using our expertise and taking time to guide you through the best choices regarding furniture for your client’s living room.

We’ve selected a few essential furniture pieces for your living space from our selection from Thomas Pheasant Furniture to inspire you to create the perfect living space for your client. Design. The inspiration comes from Thomas Pheasant. The designer has earned recognition worldwide for his designs.

Pheasant focuses on bringing contemporary elegance to homes with elegant yet tranquil interiors. He lets the pure essence of the things that inspire him enter his subconscious mind so that it takes on an utterly new form and communicates his ideas.

The designer has worked with numerous brands to bring his designs to life. However, by working with the skilled team of engineers and craftsmen from Baker Furniture, he has utilized the skills and expertise of Baker’s artisans to reach new standards.

The furniture we’re discussing today is a result of this partnership. Thomas Pheasant proves once again that he is among the most original and brilliant creators of the present. Each of his pieces is a beautiful artwork that can make any room look better.

Max Tufted Sofa

The sofa is the center of family life in the home. It’s where clients and their loved ones will gather to watch films or read books and chat with one another about the day. Therefore, selecting the best piece for your home is essential.

In The Max Tufted Sofa, Pheasant looked at the relationship between aesthetics and comfort and came up with an essentially welt-free modern design framed with great attention to detail to complete the look.

The overlapping slope arms join the base with a sharply cut scallop that reveals yet still holds the cushions that will encircle your customers as they lie. Furniture Direct UK

The natural convergence of the arms creates a look like it’s floating. Being perfectly balanced by size, it can serve as the internal structure of your client’s space. This sofa truly has everything.

The Pheasant is a neutralist in base, which can be seen in the colors of this piece, and is complemented by its design. The kidney pillows visually provide a horizontal break in the chair, making the furniture appear more significant than it is.

Which is essential for sofas that serve as the center of the space. The appearance, the depth, and the pitch of these cushions provide comfort, which means that your customer will find it difficult to get away from the warm comfort.

Luxury of the Salon Lounge Chair

The chairs in Thomas Pheasant’s partnership with Baker offer Furniture Warehouse Sunderland ease and ease. The stunning design in Salon Lounge Chair mimic styles that were prevalent in the 1940s’ design work which gives this piece and the ones you put around it an instant personality.

The back’s curve is stunning with the yoke pull- the signature Thomas Pheasant motif that adds an element of jewelry and encourages users to lift the weight. This piece is essential for any home.

It is recommended to pick two chairs on opposite sides of the sofa above to create a distinct area for conversations in your customer’s living space. The tufting on both pieces and the brown wood legs make the pieces appear as if they were designed to be in a pair.

Get the room together by using the Vendome Cocktail Table.

The Thomas Pheasant tables we have in our collection are a captivating showcase of the designer’s impeccable focus on detail and love for exquisite furniture. Sunderland Furniture Centre

We’ve decided to focus on the Vendome Cocktail Table in this case because it is at the ideal height and very well-sized compared to the previously mentioned furniture.

Each surface and every alignment of this piece has been beautifully created. The perfectly designed mahogany legs end up with the brass ferrule, which matches the brass-trimmed top attached to concealed brass pins.

The tabletop hovers above the base, creating the illusion introduced to the space with Max Tufted Sofa. Max Tufted Sofa.

Finish the look by adding Iron Eye Low Bowl Iron Eye Low Bowl

After we’ve established the most critical piece from Thomas Pheasant Furniture, we believe they would complement each other. We could suggest accessories that complete the space and make it look more stylish. If you’re attracted to big prints or statement rugs, we suggest starting with the smaller ones. Curtains, we recommend beginning using The Iron Eye Low Bowl. Living room storage furniture UK

Set this piece in the middle on The Vendome Bar Table. Take a step back and be in awe of its power to alter the space’s ambiance. The glass bowl is shallow and stands out against the airy and light look of this Vendome Cocktail Table.

However, this piece evokes images of sunshine thanks to its brass hardware. While the cocktail table radiates warmth in a way that only an item of furniture made from a wood can.

Suppose your client wants a chic makeover for their living space or has the luxury of deciding on the style of the room you’re designing. If you combine it with the furniture we previously mentioned. We believe this piece will have the capacity to change an entire room.

We hope this guide can inspire you to decorate the living space of your client by putting Thomas Pheasant furniture in the room.

If you’re searching for an elegant furniture store with an extensive selection of this designer’s furniture. You should look no further than Decor House Furniture.

Check out our selection of Thomas Pheasant Furniture right now. The entire collection is available on our site. Along with descriptions of the products in detail for each piece that the designer has designed.


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