3 Ways to Look Trendy in Abaya

Muslim women wear abaya as part of their outdoor wear, particularly in eastern countries. They wear them because they are comfortable and practical. Abayas are fashionable too. In the UK, open abayas are very popular. Abayas are as versatile as they come. Whether you are just outdoor with your friends and fellows or running errands, you can style them with many attires. You can give your outfit a touch of elegance and refinement with an open abaya. With flexible pieces for your wardrobe, you can wear the open abaya with a proper fashion combination. You just need to keep a few aspects in mind while choosing your abaya. It shouldn’t be too long to be sweeping the floor, or too short either. The same goes with sleeves, they should be right at your wrist. Make sure the size of the abaya is not too tight. It is better to select an abaya that is a little flowy. 

If you wish to have less versatile abayas, you can wear them nearly anywhere. We have gathered some style guides for you. We have put together the most stylish abayas that can be worn and styled in different ways for the respective gathering.

  1. Open Abaya

If you wish to stand out in public with your abaya styling and don’t mean to attract unnecessary attention, don’t worry. Try out an open abaya in pop colors. This not only helps you to change clothes on a frequent basis but also keeps you from getting bored with the styling. You can mix-match your clothes with the abaya. Go for neutral colors. Try beige, brown, grey, and black, these colors are versatile and easy to style, which helps to keep you on budget. As you know less is more and it implies especially modest styling. You can choose from an amazing range of open abayas, by availing Shopee discount code.

  1. Kimonos Style Abaya

Kimono abayas are trending for a while now. They don’t even seem likely to be going away anytime soon. It is the one you would like to be in if you are too a kimono girl. You should go with neutral clothes beneath a kimono or something that has the same print as your kimono abaya. You can carry cute accessories along such as a side bag, or a clutch. Try some jewelry like a cute necklace or rings if you are headed to a party. This way you can make your abaya stylish and decent.

  1. Long Abaya with Jeans

If you like to be creative with your looks and are big on styling abayas, you should try them with jeans. You can stay modest by styling a long-open abaya with a pair of jeans. Choose an embroidered colorful or printed abaya and try basic color jeans, it will enhance your look. If you wish to be the star of the show pair it with a neutral scarf. This look is effortless and way classier. If you are one of those who like to keep things minimalist and classy at all times, this one is for you.

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